Escrow Services by Vince

When one person is buying a domain from another and neither party can really trust the other they may pick a third party that they both trust to provide escrow services. Vince will do this for .ai domains if payment is in Bitcoin.

The parties may be willing to trust Vince since he is the Technical Contact for .ai domains, as shown in this IANA page.

You can also see the address in the main AI FAQ or in the AI auction FAQ or the AI EPP FAQ.

The cost is 2% of the price (so add to the total) with a miminum of $100. Use the price of Bitcoin at website.

To use this service the two parties should make an agreement that specifies

  1. The domain name
  2. The price in dollars or Bitcoin
  3. My fee
  4. The total amount to pay
  5. The sellers email
  6. The buyers email

I will lookup the domain and verify the sellers email, then send email to both parties to confirm that they agree, then I will tell the buyer where to send the Bitcoin, and ask the seller where I should send the payment on to. After I get the the payment I will transfer the domain and then forward the Bitcoin onto the seller (less my fee).