1. What is the cost for domains?
    The cost is $140 US for every 2 years. This is the same for registering a new domain or renewing.

  2. How can we pay?
    You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, or Bitcoin. All amounts shown are in US Dollars.
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  3. How do I transfer domain to someone else or change email address? These are done the same way. You get an "auth code" for the domain from the old account. Then at the new account/email you use this "auth code" to authorize a transfer of the domain to the new email/account. This works both within zenaida.cate.ai and to other registrars, though there is a $140 cost when transferring in from another registrar and other registrars probably charge something when you transfer from zenaida to them.
  4. What is the name that will show up on my credit card statement?
    It should show as "zenaida.cate.ai/12644973255". The company name is "Cate.AI Ltd.".
  5. If I have a problem how can I contact someone?
    Send email to "vincecate@gmail.com". If you start your email subject with "Zenaida" it will be sorted to the top and not lost in spam. It will also show me you read the FAQ, which I want to encourage. If you send email several times I will probably filter email from you so that you don't need to do that in the future. You can call on Monday or Friday from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm Eastern time at 264-497-3255.

  6. How soon after payment does a domain start working?
    The nameservers should start working within 3 hours.
  7. Can I get a refund?
    If you contact support within 3 days of a new purchase you can get a refund.
  8. Can we buy anything other than ".ai" domains?
    This site only handles sales of ".ai", ".com.ai", ".net.ai", ".org.ai", ".off.ai" domains.
  9. What are the rules for using AI domains?
    The usage must not violate the laws of Anguilla. In particular, fraud is against the law. For example, any domain that is trying to trick users into thinking they are at another website so they will enter their user name and password is committing fraud. The domain will be either removed or given to the people who own the domain that was being impersonated so they can put up a warning or any info they want.

  10. What happens if we don't pay to renew a domain?
    First note that any domain past due may be deleted. You should not count on any grace period. Usually there is 30 days where it is "suspended" and DNS does not work but it can be renewed for the regular price. Then there is usually 60 days where it is "pending delete" can be restored at an additional cost. On you need $280 credit and then you click on the domain and then click on restore. After the 60 day pending delete period it goes into the auction pool. For more information see auctionfaq.html.

  11. What is your privacy policy?
    The whois registry uses EU privacy policy.
  12. Where does the name Zenaida come from?
    Zenaida is the name of the Anguilla national bird.
  13. I get an error when the i-frame / pop up for putting in the card number comes We don't ever see your credit card numbers. The way it works is a pop up window from merchants.4csonline.com actually asks for your card number. You need to allow i-frames from that site. You can go here to learn how.
  14. What other websites in Anguilla deal with ".ai" related stuff?
    You can see the General AI FAQ.